Spring Creek (2018) [10/21/18, #195]

Phoenix Project: Rising from the Ashes

Forest fires are a fact of life in the Western United States, whether they are created by man or happen naturally.  I have flown over a number of these areas for my photography shoots and am always fascinated by how extensive and persistent they are.  They have a very different character on the ground, the open space feeling foreign and apocalyptic in what would normally be verdant forest.  The micro-environment of the burn area is instantly changed and it is surprising how long it takes for these areas to recover, practically sterilized from the intense heat of the fire.  The lack of vegetation causes other problems with flooding and increased erosion.  Houses, however, are generally rebuilt quickly, a reminder of the discongruity between man and nature.  But plants do grow, in a different form at first, in a timeline that brings into question man’s perceived superiority over nature.

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